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A well-designed space, and the elements within, whether home, garden, work or otherwise, should naturally appeal to one’s innermost senses. Satisfying those senses makes one feel whole, comfortable, and relaxed. That environment should summon joy, curiosity, and be a source of inspiration. Our clients benefit from our decades of design experience in San Francisco. We deliver effortless designs, interiors and remarkable gardens capturing the spirit and flavor of this wonderful city, the Bay Area, and the West Coast. We love combining elements, new and old, from every port-o-call in the world and celebrating the eclectic and wonderfully rich history of where we live.

Residential, Commercial, Hospitality


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Russian Hill in San Francisco has a rich and vibrant history. This small corner of the city is filled with many stories, an abundance of characters and some of the most landmark vistas in the world. We do our best to keep that history and appreciation alive. Our hidden creative workspace and garden have been part of Russian Hill for well over a hundred years. It has served as personal inspiration to us for decades. We are now sharing this hidden treasure. In the heart of the neighborhood is a space where we can host Pop-Ups and private small events, meetings, petite gatherings, weddings, classes or just about anything you can imagine. We will explore with you the options that exist and meant to be further investigated. All events can be catered by our group of local restaurants and caterers. We can fulfill all your creative ambitions within the San Francisco and Bay Area small business community.

Artisanal Events



BELSÖ is Hungarian for “Internal”. Hence, we pay great attention to the inside of any piece we design. It is especially important to consider what goes inside any well-made piece of upholstered furniture. By working with earth friendly materials and progressive, local upholsterers we are the responsible choice for natural, healthy furniture. We specify methods and materials that are environmentally forward. We love reclaimed hardwood and source materials from responsible forestry partners. We specify organic latex, jute, hemp, wool, organic feathers and down. These natural materials are not only superior in terms of comfort and lifespan but are inherently flame retardant without the use of chemicals. We have limitless fabric collections to search from. We search showrooms far and wide for the special material that will finish your project with the perfect color, look and texture. With access to fabrics from some of the most acclaimed designers and international producers, let us prepare a selection that will be curated just for you. Your “tray” of fabrics can be previewed in our design space or on-line and will be available for your view any time you wish. Let us create a tray for you!

Responsible, Organic, Smart



Clients often have needs that that cannot be met by something readily made. Over the decades we have designed and built a multitude of custom-made, one-off objects and case goods. Through the discovery of our clients’ needs we create pieces by bringing together unique materials and equally unique craftspeople to join function and aesthetic equally. Be it a desk, table, cabinetry or otherwise, each project is designed with equal parts aesthetic and task, with specialized functions built in to meet a curious array of client’s specific needs. We craft pieces fitting the needs you have all the while creating an exemplary, bespoke piece that becomes both an integral and cherished element of one’s home or space.

Decades of Product Design